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The Secret to Successful International Strategy

Dear Friends of Foreign Trade and Enthusiasts of the Internationalization of Brazilian and Worldwide Products and Services.

With extraordinary joy, I write another article, and we start the year 2023 with lots of news, follow us on our social networks and I ask that you read and follow all the articles, because they have a logical sequence of subjects to support our followers in the challenges of internationalization.

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We'll talk about international strategy to a brilliant strategy may put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution keeps you there.

Unfortunately, most companies struggle with implementation, that's because they overrely on structural changes, such as reorganization, to execute their strategy.

Though structural change has its place in execution, it produces only short-term gains, for example, one company reduced its management layers as part of a strategy to address disappointing performance. Costs plummeted initially, but the layers soon crept back in.

Following some examples:

Clarifying decision rights for instance, specifying who "owns" each decision and who must provide input.

Ensuring information flows where it's needed such as promoting managers laterally so then build networks needed for the cross-unit collaboration critical to a new strategy.

Tackle decision rights and information flows first, and only then alter organizational structures and realign incentives to support those moves.

After the introduction, the following levers matter most for successful strategy execution:

Decision Rights:

1. Ensure that everyone in your company knows which decisions and actions they're responsible for.

2. Encourage higher-level managers to delegate operational decisions.

3. Make sure essential information about the competitive environment flows quickly to corporate headquarters. That way, the top team can identify patterns and promulgate best practices throughout the company.

4. Facilitate information flow across organizational boundaries.

5. Help field and line employees understand how their day-to-day choices affect your company's bottom line.

6. First of all, look around to choose the stronger pieces of your company to take the internationalization ahead at this concept and project.

7. All team in your company must be involved in this project it's particularly important all departments know your role in the organization to help the structure and actions to faster replies to grow the work in each stage.

8. Claim in your employes the internationalization culture because each employee will have your key role and action to reply faster the master strategy defi in the C-levels.

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Douglas de lima

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Brazilian Look International Business Consulting.

Graduated from Universidade Nove de Julho in Foreign Trade, Postgraduate in Internationalization of Companies and International Business Management from Fundação Dom Cabral, International Marketing from ESPM and Export Supply Chain Management at Canadian National Railway, Certification given in the cities of Toronto and Montreal in Canada , with 22 years of experience in Foreign Trade and Member of International Business Management Committees such as the Think Plastic Program, a program that supports exports of the Brazilian plastic industry sponsored by Apex, Lecturer at Sebrae, Forums and Congresses of Internationalization of Companies, was present in more than 70 countries and does business in more than 100.

Since 2006, Brazilian Look operates worldwide with a team of renowned consultants, located in the most strategic points of the globe, carrying out consulting, management and internationalization of companies, strategic planning, international business structuring, investments and foreign trade, our business divisions are dedicated to importing and exporting a series of products and services, with our own offices in Brazil, Portugal and China we connect all continents in a network focused on the internationalization of the most important asset, our customers.

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